Tag and track your tools, equipment and consumable materials.

Using our proprietary tagging system and any GPS-enabled smartphone, you can now keep track of your team’s tools and inventory across multiple job sites.


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With the ToolTags tracker app, you and your team will finally be able to…

  • Know precisely where your assets, tools, equipment and consumables are, in real-time, all of the time.
  • Gain insights into which jobs are consuming the most resources and which assets are being used at the highest rates.
  • Increase accountability among your team with real-time tracking of all assets, tools, equipment and consumables.
  • Reduce costs associated with the misuse, loss, and theft of company assets thanks to chain of custody history.
  • See “who used it last”… And “who is using it now” for any asset, equipment or consumable that is being tracked.


The ToolTags asset tracking app can track and monitor all sorts things…

  • Company Assets
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Tools and Power Tools
  • Construction Materials
  • Consumables
  • Work Vehicles
  • Anything that you can adhere a tag to, ToolTags will track!


Not convinced? Here are a few more reasons to sign up now and download the ToolTags app:

  • ToolTags uses QR code tracker tags – which never need a power source, and never require battery replacements (unlike the competitors).
  • ToolTags is 100% compatible with all tools, assets, equipment and consumable materials – regardless of the type, brand or size. This is more than we can say for the “other guys.”
  • ToolTags never requires you to buy or use a “separate device” for each tool or asset that you want to track.
  • ToolTags can track your assets anywhere in the world – and there is no need to be within a “certain range” or radius of the tracking tags to get real-time information and updates. When it comes to tracking assets and equipment, ToolTags offers an unlimited geographic tracking range.


ToolTags vs. The Competition

Gone are the days of expensive scanning equipment and bulky inventory software. ToolTags uses the technology that is already in the hands of your team…

Our equipment and real-time asset tracking system combines any smartphone’s GPS, with our durable metal QR Tracker Tags, bringing you peace of mind about the exact location of your tools, equipment and consumable materials.

ToolTags outshines the competitors in just about every way imaginable – from cost, to ease of use, and overall functionality. But don’t just take our word for it…

The truth lies in the features. Learn more about why ToolTags is the best and easiest asset tracking system on Earth – easily beating out the likes of Milwaukee® ONE-KEY TICK™ and DEWALT Tool Connect™.