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Q: How does ToolTags work?

A: Using Custom QR codes and your smart device (phone, tablet, etc.), ToolTags helps companies and independent contractors alike keep track of their tools, assets and other equipment/consumables. Check out our explainer video for a brief overview of ToolTags and its functionality.


Q: How much does ToolTags cost?

A: We have a variety of plans to suit your business’ individual needs. Pricing is based on the number of users and assets being tracked, among other things. Please check out our pricing plans to learn more about what is included with each monthly package.


Q: How many tools or assets can I track… How many tracking tags do I get?

A: Each subscription plan level plan comes with a set amount of tags included. Additional tags are very reasonable, and cost only $1.00 for every tag you want to add-on to your existing plan. Or, you can always upgrade or downgrade you plan at any time.


Q: What devices can I use to track my tools, assets, consumables and other inventory?

A: The ToolTags App can be utilized on any iOS or Android enabled smartphone, tablet or other device type. The official ToolTags App is available for download in both the iTunes Apple Store and the Google Play Store.


Q: How is my credit card and payment information kept secure?

A: Of course! All payments are securely processed through BrainTree, a PayPal company. Your credit card and payment information is ever transmitted or stored by our internal systems, and all transactions are fully encrypted to protect your billing and credit card information.


Q: How does the ToolTags GPS tracking feature work?

A: Simple! The GPS-enabled tracking is available immediately, for all subscribers, simply by using your personal and/or employees’ smartphone or mobile device to scan each individual tag that you wish to track. Check out this video demonstration of the ToolTags App in action.


Q: Are the tags durable and cleanable?

A: Yes! They are heavy duty, metal tags. The tags are custom laser printed upon your initial account setup, can be washed, and will never fade.


Q: How customizable is the ToolTags App?

A: Very customizable! From custom tool and asset descriptions – to custom job location names and co-branding logos on your administration page – almost every imaginable feature can be customized to meet your company’s needs and requirements.


Q: Does ToolTags really work to track assets in real time, prevent loss/damage/theft, and save your company money?

A: Yes, in two plus years of everyday use by our alpha tester company, they have not lost a single tool or asset — down from nearly $2,000 annually in lost and stolen tools, equipment and consumables. This figure does not even include the money lost in time spent looking for these missing items.


Q: Is ToolTags difficult to implement?

A: No, not at all! The ToolTags App is a simple download to your / your crew’s smart device(s). Once setup, the asset tags are produced, sent to you directly, and easily attached to the tools and equipment that you wish to track.


Q: How much time does it take to use?

A: less than 5 minutes per day… And in that short amount of time, you will always know where your tools are, you’ll get insight as to who is using each tool, and you’ll have visibility into the full chain of custody.


Q: Is ToolTags exclusive to construction companies and general contractors?

A: No! ToolTags can be uses across all company types and industries. At the end of the day, ToolTags is the perfect solution for any person or company who wishes to efficiently track and monitor their assets, equipment and consumable materials.


Q: What if I have another question that was not addresses on this page?

A: Well what are you waiting for, already? Contact us right away! We will get back to you as soon as possible with answers to any additional questions that you might still have.